What is the difference between Counselling, Psychology and Psychiatry?

What is the difference between a Counsellor, Psychologist and Psychiatrist? 

Counsellors are trained to listen non-judgmentally and, to varying degrees, to provide ‘talk therapies’.  They cannot prescribe or advise about medication. Counselling focuses on client’s concerns and difficulties and includes understanding people’s patterns of thoughts, behaviours, feelings and the ways in which these may be problematic in their lives.

Psychologists study the human mind and behaviour, they are more likely to work with individuals with serious mental illness. They are trained to perform psychotherapy with a range of clients.

Clinical psychologists help with the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses across the lifespan. Most psychologists also help mentally healthy people to find ways of functioning better.

Psychiatrists are qualified medical doctors who have obtained additional qualifications to become a specialist in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness and emotional problems.

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