Women Assist Online Counselling is accessible to women living anywhere in Australia, supporting those in remote areas, or for those who need the convenience of online counselling. Online video counselling is a convenient & safe option for women. Clients just need to find a private and quiet space where they won’t be interrupted.

Benefits of online therapy include:

  • Allows women in remote areas to get help from a specialist who may not be available in their geographic location.
  • Easier access for those who live in remote areas or who have limited mobility or limited access to transportation may be more motivated to participate in online therapy.
  • Online therapy decreases absences due to poor weather conditions or sickness, allowing clients to participate in therapy on a regular basis.
  •  Sessions can be scheduled more frequently, as clients do not have to commute long distances.
  • Online therapy can help with eliminating the social stigma related to receiving mental counseling or other therapy.