Women Assist is a professional counselling and psychotherapy service that supports all people who identify as women with their mental health and wellbeing.

Our professional counselling service is accessible to women living anywhere in Australia via telehealth.

Counselling is used as a safe place to discuss feelings and emotions triggered by stressful events, relationship issues, grief and loss, or the impacts of trauma. Once the issues are identified, our counsellors will help you understand how these stressors are affecting your life and work to develop strategies and solutions to help decrease the severity of the emotional storm!

Our practise is trauma-informed, client-centred, respectful, and empowering! Our counsellors are women who are both culturally aware and sensitive and they are experts in providing assistance and identifying issues, as well as exploring options and developing strategies for healing & increasing self-awareness.

No matter what culture you are from, or how old you are, whether you are queer or straight where you fit on the female identity spectrum, many people try to move forward and pretend to be okay when they are actually not! Holding it all together when you feel overwhelmed is mentally exhausting.

For many women, just the process of telling their story, & being listened to is helpful”

Our professional counsellors are all trauma specialists. They understand the impacts of violence and abuse and work with each individual in an empowering and strength-based way to support them to manage and recover from the trauma they have experienced.

Women Assist acknowledges the traditional custodians, the Wurundjeri people, and pay our respects to the Elders past, present and future, for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes of Indigenous Australia. We must always remember that under the concrete and asphalt, the land, sea, and waterways were, and always will be traditional Indigenous land.