“At Women Assist Trauma Counselling, Cassandra’s dedication to supporting individuals with ADHD shines through. As a counsellor, she offers more than just professional expertise; she offers unwavering understanding and non-judgmental support to her clients. Her approach of combining person-centred counselling support and emotional coaching creates a nurturing and safe space for her clients to heal and grow.” – Reservoir Neighbourhood House.

“Cassandra provided me with a lifeline during the darkest period of my life. Her unwavering support and gentle guidance helped me find my strength again. I will forever be grateful for her understanding and expertise.”- Anonymous.

“I felt broken and lost until I met Cassandra. Her trauma counselling helped me reclaim my life and embrace the person I am today. I cannot recommend her services enough.” – Anonymous.

“Cassandra’s kindness and compassion have been instrumental in my healing journey. She helped me rediscover my strength and taught me to embrace my past without letting it define my future. From the first session, I felt a genuine connection with Cassandra. She made me feel seen and heard, and her guidance has been transformative. I am eternally grateful for her support.” – Anonymous.

“I am an Aboriginal woman and feel compelled to share my deeply transformative experience with family violence counselling with Cassandra Allen. With a heart filled with gratitude and newfound strength, I express my appreciation for the incredible support and guidance I have received on this healing journey.” – Anonymous.

“Family violence can leave deep scars, affecting every aspect of one’s life. As an Aboriginal woman, I have faced unique challenges, grappling with the historical trauma of my people while navigating the complexities of modern life. The pain I carried weighed heavily on my heart, and I felt isolated, silenced, and misunderstood for a long time. Seeking help was a difficult decision, but one that I will forever be grateful for making. From the very first session, Cassandra created a safe and culturally sensitive space that allowed me to open up and share my experiences without fear of judgment. Her understanding of the intergenerational trauma faced by Indigenous communities was evident, and Cassandra approached my healing journey with empathy and respect.” – Anonymous.

“Throughout the counselling process, I learned that healing does not mean forgetting or erasing my past but acknowledging its impact and finding ways to grow. Cassandra’s counsellor’s expertise and compassion guided me through various healing techniques, empowering me to address my emotions and thoughts with courage and honesty. One aspect that truly made a difference was incorporating traditional healing practices. Cassandra helped me reconnect with my ancestral roots, introducing me to cultural ceremonies and teachings that were vital to my emotional and spiritual healing. These practices allowed me to embrace my identity and regain a sense of belonging I had long yearned for.” – Anonymous.

“The support I received extended beyond the counselling room. Cassandra connected me with other resources and support networks, providing a solid foundation for my ongoing healing process. The sense of community and sisterhood I found within these networks reminded me that I was not alone and that others understood and had walked similar paths. Today, I stand as a stronger, more resilient Aboriginal woman, thanks to the guidance and care of Cassandra. While the scars of my past will always remain a part of me, they no longer define me or dictate my future. I now face life’s challenges with a newfound self-awareness and empowerment.” – Anonymous.

Testimonials Disclaimer:
The privacy and confidentiality of our clients are of utmost importance. Therefore the names and identities of individuals providing testimonials have not been disclosed to protect their privacy and maintain confidentiality. The testimonials shared in this bio are the personal experiences and opinions of individuals who have received counselling services from Cassandra Allen at Women Assist Trauma Counselling. Each person’s healing journey is unique, and the outcomes described in the testimonials may not be typical for every individual. While the testimonials represent the positive impact trauma counselling can have on clients, it is essential to remember that counselling outcomes can vary depending on individual circumstances, dedication to the therapeutic process, and other factors. Cassandra offers compassionate counselling services but cannot guarantee specific results for everyone seeking help.

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