Through our actions and partnerships, we strive to promote the self-determination of First Nations people and contribute to advancing their rights, aspirations, and self-defined goals.

Women Assist Trauma Counselling is committed to providing specialised support to First Nations people impacted by family violence. We recognise the unique challenges and cultural considerations faced by First Nations individuals in dealing with family violence, and our counsellors are trained to address these specific needs.

Our Trauma counselling services aim to create a safe and culturally sensitive space where First Nations individuals can explore the effects of family violence, heal from trauma, and develop strategies for building healthier relationships. We respect and honour our clients’ cultural traditions, values, and beliefs, integrating them into the therapeutic process as appropriate.

Cassandra works alongside individuals from First Nations communities, adapting her counselling techniques to align with their cultural values and traditions. She places great emphasis on the concepts of self-determination, empowerment, and community support in order to provide effective counselling services.

Cassandra recognises the significance of linking people with culturally fitting resources and support systems in their communities. Women Assist Trauma Counselling collaborates with First Nations groups and community leaders to provide a holistic and complete method to address family violence and promote healing.

Women Assist Trauma Counselling is committed to supporting First Nations individuals impacted by family violence, promoting healing, and empowering them to reclaim their well-being and build a brighter future. As a non-Indigenous organisation, we recognise that we may not hold all the solutions to addressing family violence. Nonetheless, Cassandra is committed to supporting the healing process and preventing future occurrences in any way possible. Cassandra believes in collaborating with First Nations individuals and Aboriginal Community Controlled Organizations to provide family violence counselling services that cater specifically to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals who have been impacted by family violence.

“I work with Aboriginal women who have experienced family violence. I listen attentively so that we can gain a deeper understanding and help them reconnect with their culture. Building trust is key to our approach, so I am dedicated to offering my clients adaptable therapeutic support to empower them to take control of their own futures. – Cassandra Allen

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