Women Assist provides a culturally appropriate and sensitive service, and we are strong allies of aboriginal people and are advocates for change.

Women Assist is honoured to work collaboratively with Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations to provide counselling support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who have experienced family violence and we promise to deliver cultural understanding using a holistic approach.

As a non-Indigenous organisation, we do not claim to have all the solutions BUT we are ready to assist with the healing process and with the prevention of family violence.

We understand that connecting to culture is a protective factor and that families and bloodlines are important. Our counsellors are non-aboriginal women who have cultural awareness and are sensitive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

Our counsellors use a holistic healing approach to address underlying trauma and its impacts by taking a strengths-based, trauma-informed and whole of life approach to safety, wellbeing and empowerment. 

Artwork by B.Kinsmore

“We walk alongside aboriginal women who have experienced family violence. Listening deeply so we can understand and assist women to connect with themselves so they can connect with their culture. Building trust is an integral part of our approach, therefore we are committed to providing our clients with long term therapeutic support, so they can be in control of their own destiny!” – Cassandra Allen

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