Women Assist Trauma Counselling proudly stands as allies of First Nations people. Cassandra recognises and respects the unique experiences, histories, cultures, and challenges First Nations communities face, including the impacts of family violence. Cassandra’s goal is to empower and strengthen individuals through healing and resilience as she helps them navigate the effects of trauma and address intergenerational trauma.

Cassandra is dedicated to being a supportive ally for First Nations individuals who seek a safe and inclusive space to feel heard and validated. She recognises the significance of cultural sensitivity, humility, and collaboration when working with First Nations clients.

Cassandra is committed to continuously improving her practices and actively listening to the needs and priorities of First Nations individuals impacted by family violence. Cassandra actively engages in ongoing education and learning to deepen our understanding of the historical and systemic factors contributing to family violence within First Nations communities. Cassandra seeks to address these issues respectfully and empoweringly while acknowledging the strength, resilience, and wisdom within First Nations cultures.

Women Assist Trauma Counselling has actively partnered with First Nations organisations, community leaders, and Elders to ensure our services align with and complement existing resources and support systems. We value the guidance and expertise of these community members in providing effective and culturally appropriate counselling services.

“As an ally, I stand beside First Nations individuals, advocating for their rights, amplifying their voices, and working towards creating a society free from family violence for all.” – Cassandra Allen

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