Bridging the Gap for Individuals with ADHD

Women Assist Trauma Counselling prioritises trauma counselling and provides unwavering support and guidance to adult individuals with ADHD by offering emotional coaching and fostering a deep understanding. Establishing a positive environment is crucial in empowering individuals to conquer obstacles and achieve a satisfying life.

Individuals with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often encounter difficulties in many areas of their lives, such as time management, organisation, and executive functioning skills. I recognise these unique struggles and offer personalised strategies to help clients cope and thrive. I think it’s important to offer flexible support and guidance to people who have experienced trauma or who have ADHD. This can help bridge the gap for those facing the challenges of ADHD by providing understanding, support, and emotional coaching.

During counselling sessions, the main focus is establishing achievable goals, developing a deeper understanding of oneself, and building essential life skills. I offer assistance to those who are facing emotional challenges related to ADHD. I provide a supportive and unbiased environment where individuals can feel comfortable and receive strategies to cope with their difficulties.

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