The benefits of participating in a Women’s Circle

A Women’s Circle is an intimate gathering, where women learn new ways of speaking, listening and relating to others.

Image result for Women Healing GraphicsCircling together is a dynamic process and each meeting has a different rhythm and tone.  Women give themselves the much-needed time they need. It can be an opportunity to form new friendships with other women from other diverse backgrounds and cultures. The circle form is non-hierarchical – everybody’s input holds equal importance. It fosters listening to and learning from every participant.

Psychologists have proven that endorphins (the hormone of love and well-being) are released into our brains when we talk about ourselves. Some say that’s one of the many benefits of therapy. In our women’s circle, they start with a “Check-In”, where each woman gets 10 minutes to be fully heard by the group. She can use this time to talk about how she is feeling in the present moment, any challenges she’s had over the past month, and she can share her recent successes or anything else on her mind.

The rest of the women give their full attention without interruption. To be heard by a group of people who you know love you deeply, feels absolutely glorious. Women can share freely without fear of judgment, in an environment that feels completely safe and supported. Practicing the art of listening deeply also gives us a chance to tap into our empathy and patience, keeping us present in the moment without thinking about how we will respond.

Sharing your challenges with others will remind you that you are not alone.  Seeing other women deal with the same life challenges makes them feel like they are not the only person with these problems. Every woman has times of low self-esteem, conflicts at work or in their relationships, parenting, feeling challenged by parenting, money, or health.

When women see each other transform their life challenges into opportunities, they feel stronger than ever. They are reminded that they can do the same. When women are stuck in their own problems, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There’s a strong network to rely on whenever you need support. Women’s Circle’s are supportive and inspirational. Women feel a strong sense of responsibility and dedication to each other, and that support runs deep. In other words, they have each other’s backs.

Women Assist Counselling run a Women’s Circle once a month in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. All women are welcome, however if the location doesn’t work for you then I encourage you to seek it out in your community or create one yourself. When you hear the wisdom and brilliance the women in your circle have to offer, you will begin to see the light and beauty in one another and become empowered!

Cassandra 🙂



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