Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month.

Violence against women is a significant human rights issue in Victoria. All women have a right to safety in homes, schools, at work and on the streets.

During the month of May, Women Assist Counselling will be actively involved in raising community awareness of domestic and family violence. Support is available to those affected. Our Counsellor & Psychotherapist helps many women with life after abusive relationships.  


If you are in immediate danger please call Emergency Services on 000

During the month of May our aim is to:
  • Raise community awareness of domestic violence and it’s impacts
  • Promote a clear message of no tolerance of domestic and family violence in Victorian communities
  • Ensure those who are experiencing domestic and family violence, know hot to access help and support

There is a lot of help available.  See the resources below for those, who are either currently experiencing family or domestic violence, or for someone you know experiencing it.  

Safe  Steps:

Domestic Violence Resource Centre:

Victims of Crime:

Haven Home, Safe:



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