Our counsellors are trauma-informed women ready to assist individuals in need. Being trauma-informed means they have the knowledge, skills, and sensitivity to work effectively with individuals who have experienced trauma.

Personalised and Client-Centred Care

Our counsellors provide personalised and client-centred care to individuals impacted by trauma. They have the ability to tailor counselling approaches and techniques to meet each client’s unique needs and goals.

Empathy and Compassion

Our counsellors provide non-judgmental support and a safe space to explore a client’s trauma experiences.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Women Assist Counselling Services upholds confidentiality and privacy. All personal information shared during counselling sessions is confidential, and our counsellors adhere to professional ethical guidelines and legal requirements.

Collaborative and Empowering Approach

Our counsellors take a collaborative and empowering approach to trauma counselling. They work alongside clients, supporting them in their healing journey, helping them regain control over their lives, and building resilience.

Testimonials and Success Stories

“I was referred to Cassandra for family violence counselling when I felt broken and alone, I thought everyone was out to get me. She listened to me, didn’t judge me and helped me to cope. My kids have noticed positive changes in me as well”. – Anonymous

“Women Assist Counselling Services has helped me see a better way to live and to see the positive in good and make me a better woman than I was before”. – Anonymous

“I highly recommend Cassandra, she has helped me through some dark times, and I am now feeling much more positive”. – Anonymous

“Words cannot express what Women Assist Counselling Services has done for me and my life. It’s been nice to have someone that listens to me without judgement. Cassandra Allen was my therapist, she gave me the tools to look forward and see a brighter future. Some people do a job because it’s a job, but Cassandra does it from the heart”. – Anonymous

“I’m forever grateful for being assigned to have Cassandra as my therapist. I wish I could clone her”.

– Anonymous

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