Counselling Practitioner

My name is Danielle Politi. I’m a non-aboriginal woman, born and raised in Kulin nation and live in Wurundjeri country. I am a certified counsellor and trauma expert!

My journey in counselling started from my trauma from a young age. I think this set off a fire in my heart, leading me to be passionate about empowering others and growing through pain.  

I am always ready to sit with you and go through the journey together. My purpose is to facilitate a safe, non-judgmental space to explore inner strengths.

Accreditation’s- Graduate Diploma of Counselling. Registered member of Australian Counselling Association.

Counselling Style- I studied counselling to gain an insight into how wonderfully complex the mind and body is.  What I got from this was that I did not want to be another counsellor who cannot relate or “goes by the book”. With that being said, I am a person-Centered counsellor who uses a trauma-informed approach.

Counsellor self-care – Self-care for me is simply by being in, around or on the water, lake or the ocean. Or, on those days where I can’t go out, then a simple candlelit bath with salts while Binge watching Netflix.

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