Women Circles have the power to transform the world—woman-by-woman, circle by circle! A circle is a gathering in the form of actually sitting in a circle and following general guidelines that facilitate authentic conversation. The circle form is non-hierarchical—everybody’s input holds equal importance. It fosters listening to and learning from every participant.

Circling together is a dynamic process; each meeting has a different rhythm and tone.  We give ourselves the much-needed time for ourselves, and it can be an opportunity to form new friendships with other women from other diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Much of what happens in the women’s circle is invisible, but as women, we are still able to tap into the creative force and use it to fuel our specific purpose on the planet. Above all, we know everything is good, which is generated by our communing, and it becomes amplified, and the benefits we reap as individuals will be carried out as blessings to our loved ones, communities, and thus the world. As each woman claims her seat in the circle, we come together as equals united by our common purpose.

It’s not a perfect space (we are all human and we don’t always know how to hold space for each other), but it is beautifully imperfect.

Be part of our growing sisterhood of women. By finding our voices, claiming our power and celebrating our self-worth, we become the positive CHANGE we want to see in our world.

Join us!

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