About Cassandra

About me I’ve had my fair share of personal trauma and struggles. I personally understand the importance of talking therapy, which inspired me to get involved in the field and help others.

I have been counselling for over 10 years now, and my expertise is psychotherapy. I am registered with an accreditation body called PACFA (Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia. I attend professional development programs a number of times throughout the year, as well as having clinical supervision regularly.

My aim – is to help  individuals and couples heal from emotional pain, overcome life challenges that gets in their way, learn skills to improve their well-being, discover new coping strategies, as well as, find their strength and life purpose.

My counselling style – I find it interesting to learn and understand the  individual or couples journey, up until why they have booked a session to see me. My counselling room is a relaxed, comfortable and safe therapeutic space, which is key to relaxation. Once relaxed and boundaries are established naturally, rapport is built, we then get to work on the issue and therapy goals.

We may go back and forth in your life but its absolutely necessary for me to know so I can assist with your healing so you can move forward from the issue or the trauma, become present in your current life, not going backwards (depression) and going to far forward (anxiety). It may sound like a bit of work; however, you won’t even notice once in session. It will be like chatting to a friend with professional boundaries. These boundaries can never be overstepped as it will end the therapeutic relationship immediately.

You can come to me once, twice, ten times, fifty times, one hundred times, I WILL BE THERE to facilitate your thoughts, ground you, teach you coping skills, provide psycho-education where necessary, help you to see empathy for other individuals, which guarantees changed behaviours, relationship issues and more!

My promise to clients I love my work, it’s my life purpose, it took a long time to get here, but I’M HERE.  I will help and never stereotype any situation, everyone is unique, so their issues are unique to them, no judgement here, just unconditional positive regard.

I actively listen, reflect back my understanding of your issue, I speak the truth and challenge people when it’s safe to do so. I’m fair (there is always two sides to a coin/ story, so, there is no time to waste, you need to figure out your issues, understand why the issue is upsetting or causing you to be stuck, (why am I here) or  (how could this happen to me).

People need to find compassion in themselves and forgiveness in others, so they can focus on their strengths, learn strategies to manage their emotions, have healthy relationships with boundaries, so they can find peace in this fast paced, busy world we live in.

So, with non-judgmental support and understanding, we will explore your thoughts together, so you feel less alone and more able to sort out your issues in a productive way.

Warm regards,

Cassandra 😊