Founder, Clinical Lead,
Counselling & Psychotherapy Practitioner

My name is Cassandra Allen. I’m a non-aboriginal woman, born and raised in the Kulin nation and live in Wurundjeri country. I’m a certified counselling and psychotherapy practitioner, and a trauma expert!

I’m a passionate advocate for women’s mental health & wellbeing and I’m always ready to support those who are ready to explore their thoughts, feelings & behavioural patterns.

My purpose is to support other women by walking alongside them without judgement, while they begin to step out of their personal comfort limitations and discover the connection of themself.

I’m a survivor of family and domestic violence and have overcome many struggles in my own life. My journey has been challenging, insightful and most of all empowering! Once I began to heal from my own traumas etc, I became highly motivated to support other women with their healing journey! So in 2016, I founded Women Assist so I could focus on women’s mental health and well-being.

My work is meaningful & transformative for others, while simultaneously transforming, supporting and facilitating my own personal growth. Much of my work experience over the past 10 years has been working with trauma and relationship breakdowns.

Accreditation’s – Bachelor of Social Science in Counselling. Registered member of PACFA (Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia).

Counselling style – I use a client-focused and trauma-informed approach. I find it interesting to learn and understand peoples journey’s up until ‘why’ they have booked a session to see me. I’m curious and listen without judgement.

Online counselling has been a blessing, especially since the pandemic. Women all over the country can access our service which is great. All you need to do is find a relaxed, comfortable and safe space so you can engage comfortably in the therapeutic process, which is key to relaxation. Once relaxed and boundaries are established naturally, rapport is built, we then get to work on the issue and your therapy goals.

We may go back and forth in your life but it’s absolutely necessary for me to know, so I can assist with your healing, so you can move forward from the issue or the trauma, become present in your current life, not going backwards (depression) and going too far forward (anxiety). It may sound like a bit of work; however, you won’t even notice once in a session. It will be like chatting to a friend with professional boundaries. These boundaries can never be overstepped as they will end the therapeutic relationship immediately.

Counsellor self-care – My self-care is spending time outdoors in nature. I love trees and feel so grounded when I’m next to them. I always encourage my clients to go outside and spend time with nature. I believe that now, more than ever, we need to listen to our mother earth – this connection is essential for wellbeing and harmony!